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Charging Communication on ISO 15118 | Basic Training

Get a perfect jumpstart into the industry-approved charging communication standard ISO 15118. Learn the key concepts across all communication layers of this future-proof technology so you can actively shape this thriving e-mobility market with your innovative and interoperable EV charging products.

Join the seminar to be in the driver´s seat!

What you get:

  • Thorough introduction to the Combined Charging System (CCS)
  • How the EV and charging station build up a stable communication link via CCS hardware, Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM), Signal Level Attenuation Characterization (SLAC), and the SECC discovery protocol (SDP)
  • Mechanism used to mutually agree on DIN SPEC 70121 or ISO 15118 as the communication protocol
  • Overview of the ISO 15118 document family and its relation to the seven ISO/OSI communication layers
  • Identification mechanisms External Identification Means (EIM) & Plug & Charge
  • In-depth walk-through of the communication sequence for AC and DC charging
  • Available tools for the EV and charging station to do smart charging and renegotiate a charging schedule
  • Global support of ISO 15118
  • Features and outlook to the next edition of ISO 15118-2 (now called ISO 15118-20)
  • Important forums, industry events, and further resources you don’t want to miss out on


Our renowned expert in the field of Charging Communication, Dr. Marc Mültin (V2G Clarity), will guide you in an interactive workshop through the intricacies of ISO 15118, using illustrative examples and a memorable step-by-step guide. This limited-availability workshop, set in a unique automotive-related venue, is sure to be an invaluable learning experience.

Who Should Attend:

(Electrical) engineers, managers, product designers, entrepreneurs, technology consultants; anyone interested in the field of e-mobility and charging communication.

As this is an introductory course we welcome participants with no prior experience in the field. Although a background in engineering and/or computer science is beneficial it is not required to understand the topic.

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