Berlin, Deutschland
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29.08.2023 - 30.08.2023


From the beginning, the EV charging ecosystem has been decentralized.

Things were simply done differently 10 years ago: the first charge point operators started out building limited, locally focused infrastructure. eMobility service providers built software solutions using legacy technology. Grid providers did not worry about costly energy consumption as EV drivers were still a rarity.

But with its incredible growth geared towards mass adoption by 2025, the EV industry today faces a big challenge: digitally connecting its EV charging ecosystem and scaling its operations across services.

To provide all EV drivers with a durable infrastructure that delivers a seamless customer experience, we need to overcome technical debt, honour regulations changes and increase information sharing and collaboration across the ecosystem.

We need to unravel the digital DNA of eMobility, to understand the different strands that interlink into one coherent, functioning, evolving system.

With digital eMobility milestones like eRoaming and Plug&Charge, we have already proven that the industry is able to lean into connectivity and enable a high level of data exchange amongst the ecosystem.

Hubject invites you to join us at the intercharge Network Conference, where we will dive deep into the challenges, requirements and opportunities of digitally connecting the EV charging ecosystem and discuss how we can best deliver a seamless customer experience for all EV drivers.

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